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Our Goals

They say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” We have goals that align with what conservative Americans want from government, which is to say we want as little as possible from them. The less they try to “give,” the less they’ll need to take. We must make them aware that we know what they’re doing and we’re not happy when they try to do too much.

Prevent Authoritarianism

Government has a natural tendency to grow. Throughout history, it has taken bold leadership and patriots forming a unified front to prevent powers at every level of government from overstepping their bounds and reaching further into our lives. We must arm the people with tools to stop authoritarianism from taking hold.

Protect Our Rights

Our rights as Americans are under attack. There are those at every level of government who are attempting to subvert the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. They want our guns. They want churches silenced. They want "hate speech" to be so encompassing that speech in general is no longer free.

Promote Conservatism

It's unfortunate that so many "conservatives" over the years and decades have made it difficult for many Americans to embrace the ideology. But there are plenty of good conservatives, too, and they must be given a platform to demonstrate what the philosophy of government and life really mean.

Reverse Globalism

Globalism isn't coming. It's already here. There are conservatives who continue to fight against the anti-American tenets of globalism, but the trends are not pointing in our favor. This trend must be reversed or the existential threats of open borders and a U.N.-driven government will become an unavoidable reality.

Our Plan

There are plenty of organizations out there saying the right things. There are much fewer organizations who are truly taking action. We can make this movement most effective by unifying the voices of the millions of Americans who want less government in our lives. The ACM isn’t here to make a statement. We’re here to make an impact.

Speak Out

First and foremost, we're a movement of action. As a group, we will speak out against government overreach until they're forced to hear our concerns. Government overreach happens when too few Americans speak out or if we do so in an uncoordinated fashion. We will achieve our goals by speaking out together.

Educate Americans

Most Americans would consider themselves conservatives if they knew what that really means. Unfortunately, too many Americans are dependent on government to solve our problems. Through conferences, podcasts, digital handouts, and webinars, we will educate America about the truth.

Inform the Masses

Leftists control the media. We will take back the news with the most powerful tool on our side: The truth. We will amplify articles and videos that demonstrate the efficacy of conservatism, whether the content is created by us or by other conservatives who just need help spreading the word.

Watch Our Government

Who watches the watchers? We will. As government oppression rears its ugly head, we'll be there to call them out. We will inform members of our movement when government overreach is happening at their local, city, or state level. We will inform everyone when it's happening at a national level. Awareness is key.

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